St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Self Tanner – Medium Mousse

This is the best self tanner I’ve ever used. 

Firstly, let me tell you, I have a love/hate relationship with self tanners. Usually they either leave me stinking of biscuits or looking like an oompah loompa, or both, but I hate being pale as I feel a tan makes me feel so much better and happier.  I’ve tried them all, from the cheap supermarket brands to the high end. 

I used to swear by St Tropez express bronzing mousse, but at £26 a bottle and a fade scale of approximately 2-3 days I was on the verge of becoming bankrupt (but hey at least I’d had a decent tan!) 

That was all before I tried this beauty… St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula – Medium Mousse. I’ve tried the original St Moriz and I really didn’t rate it, it left me streaky, orange and spotty. But this is completely different, it has no biscuit smell, it glides on and does not cling to drier patches such as elbows, armpits or knees, even more important it didn’t cause any breakouts (just the usual hormonal spots that appear at that time. 

The colour is beautiful and very natural to a deep tan, even as it fades (5-6 days) it doesn’t go patchy or steaky at all. I’m really impressed with this tanner and it is definitely my new favourite. At £7.99 a bottle it’s a bargain, I bought 3 as it’s on offer in boots at 3 for 2! I’m so glad I did as I can see me using lots of this! 

How I applied my tanner: 

  • Firstly I prepared my skin by shaving any unwanted hair – in the morning 
  • Exfoliated using Body Shop’s Coconut Body Scrub -in the morning
  • Moisturised using soap & glorys body butter – in the morning
  • Apply the tan by pumping the mousse onto the bronzie tanning mit and apply about an hour before bed
  • Leave over night and wash it off in the shower in the morning (don’t panic it won’t transfer on your bedding!!) 
  • I moisturised the following day rather than the same day, but it’s up to you! 

I love, love, love this tan. I will do a video next time to show application and preparation.


  Laura ❤


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